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In 2009, when Adriana was only 15 years old, she had the opportunity to take a pet grooming course in Brazil. Later on, she worked in her sister's  pet grooming store where she met Antony. With his good communication skills, they both learned more and more in detail of the various kinds of dogs, their races, and how to groom each one of them well according to their kind.

In December of 2015, they both received an offer to work in a Mobile Pet Salon business in California. Eventually, Adriana with 10 years of experience and her now husband Antony with 8 years of experience, they both earned an AKC S.A.F.E groomer certificate hence starting their own company, "Quick Grooming Pet Salon".

The name"Quick Grooming Pet Salon" came to be because of their speed of quality grooming and arrival of destination.

What People Say

“We have worked with our mobile groomers Antonio and Adriana for more than three years. Over these years our 16-year-old dog has continued to develop more health problems: deafness, skin conditions, heart disease, arthritis, and a disabled hind leg. We find both Antonio and Adriana extremely kind and concerned about our dog-it's as if they are working with their own pet. They are VERY gentle and their work is excellent. One thing my wife appreciates is that they will groom the dog's style to what we like and not just a generic haircut. Their first language is Portuguese but we are able to get help with translation and they are so eager to create a positive experience for their clients. Having Antonio and Adriana as our mobile groomers has been the best thing we have ever done for ourselves.”​


—  Tom

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